Bubble tube vase
Bubble tube vase

Bubble tube vase

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The Bubble Tube collection is a series of handcrafted glass vases designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen. This glass vase is in the colour blue and is a beautiful new addition to the series. The bubble vase is resting on a cylindrical base of yellow-coloured glass, giving it a playful and floating appearance.


The glass vase is beautiful with a big bouquet of handpicked flowers from the roadside or fresh flowers from the market. If you want a more sustainable and everlasting bouquet, you can style the Bubble Tube vase with handmade paper flowers, which gives it a more personal and creative touch. The blue and yellow play of colours of the vase allows it to stand on its own as a decorative part of the home decor. The organic shape of the Bubble Tube vase gives your Nordic home a stylish elegance: the bubble shaped body creates a modern and playful expression, while it appears simultaneously elegant and light as it floats on top of the transparent, yellow base.


The glass vase is made of solid-coloured borosilicate glass, which is a particular type of glass that endures great changes of temperature – therefore, the beautiful colour of the vase will be maintained and keep its appearance through time. The vase can easily be cleaned with hot water and soap, and any lime scale can be removed with vinegar.

The glass vase is also available in several different colour combinations: amber/rose, yellow/cyan, rose/rose, green/rose and smoke/smoke


OPENING: Diam. 90 MM

Bubble: Diam. 150 MM


WEIGHT: Incl. packaging 0.845 KG

COLOUR: Blue with a yellow base 

The vase is wrapped in a nice, round, and discreet cardboard tube and can easily be stored and shipped.

STUDIO ABOUT is a Danish designstudio. All products are designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen


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